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Information about travelling from San Francisco to United Kingdom

  • Currency exchange rate
    £1.00(GBP) = $1.27(USD)
  • Age structure of United Kingdom
    0-14-years 17.3%
    15-24-years 12.6%
    25-54-years 41%
    55-64-years 17.5%
    65-years-and-over 17.3%
  • Energy generated from United Kingdom
    Fossil fuels 75%
    Nuclear fuels 11%
    Hydroelectricity 1%
    Other renewable sources 8%
  • Internet users in United Kingdom
    51.444 million (7th)
  • Cellphone owners in United Kingdom
    82.109 million (18th)
  • Industries of United Kingdom
    machine tools
    electric power equipment
    automation equipment
    railroad equipment