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About Wonju

South Korean cities like Wonju are among the top visited places across the globe. Wonju is popular for offering tourists a good hiking activity and sightseeing. Both domestic and international cheap flights to Wonju are widely offered to meet the increasing number of tourists who wish to visit the city.

Wonju is known for Chiaksan Mountain. Mountains offer tourists a picturesque view in the heart of the city while allowing people to take its trail for a short hiking trip. Chiaksan’s peaks namely Namdaebong and Birobong attract a lot of people who decide to book for a Wonju trip.

Guryongsa temple is another primary tourist spot in Wonju. Asian countries gained fame across the globe for their beautiful designs and becharming appeal that attracts tourists from different parts of the country. Just like other temples in South Korea, Guryongsa has a grand design that portrays the country’s culture and architectural passion.

Various activities can be done in this city through establishments found within the area and this is also another reason cheap flights to Wonju are booked faster than other discounted prices offered in the country. Wonju has numerous local health clubs, which is unique compared to the conventional health clubs that you see in your area.

Dining and nightlife are also made unique by visiting Wonju or other South Korean cities. You will find local bars and pubs where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages and Korean cuisines that you wish to try. Their food servings vary but they retain the same taste South Korea is known for.

Wonju marketplaces are also established in the area, which helps you get the right souvenir items that you need to bring home to your family or friends. Check their marketplaces for the best deals that you will absolutely love, especially if you are after the finest items to take home as souvenirs.

When you visit the city, you can book for a room in one of the many hotels in Wonju that extend good deals. To save your travel budget, you can ride a bus going to Wonju Bus Terminal to explore the city at cheaper prices in terms of transportation.

Information about travelling to Wonju

  • Average temperature in Wonju
    17 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Wonju
    445 mm
  • Average temperature for this month in Wonju
    29 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    ₩1.00(KRW) cost less than USD 0.01(USD)

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