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About Wolmaransstad

Wolmaransstad is a city in the North West of South Africa. It is close to the cities of Cape Town and Bloemhof. This city is very essential for the country because of its mines that have abundant supply of diamonds. It is known for having a lot of companies that rely on the alluvial method of mining. This is when a river or any body of water erodes the soil to expose the diamonds. Maize production would be the next on the list. The city has a lot of farmlands that have been so helpful for both the locals and the tourists.

The Digger’s Diamond Route is one of the main reasons more and more tourists are booking cheap flights to Wolmaransstad. The main attraction here is the Big Hole. In 1871, the locals discovered that there were diamonds in the area. Soon after, a lot of people started flocking the scene to get their own share. Now, this is the largest man-excavated hole in the world. The hole may be viewed from the top of the hills that surround the city. There are also museums around that can better explain the scenario during the discovery of diamonds in the area.

The trip does not end with a trip to the museums and a glimpse of the hole. Cheap flights to Wolmaransstad will not be complete without riding the train provided in this tourist destination. There is a guide aboard who will explain each and every stopover. The train lets people see and experience the mining industry in the city. Never miss the underground and surface tours in the mines that were once used for the operations.

Makwassierante Conservation Area and Wolwespruit Dam Nature Reserve are also worth visiting when in this city. These are obviously a place for the wildlife in South Africa. There are over hundreds of species that are bred in these sites. Interactions with the animals such as feeding and walking with them are allowed by the tour facilitators only if tourists pass certain security and safety measures. There are plenty of hotels in Wolmaransstad that visitors may use whenever they would like to stay longer.

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Oliver Reginald Tambo International (Jan Smuts International) (Johannesburg)