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About Mpumalanga

Visiting South Africa is one of the best decisions that you will ever make. It boasts of an almost untouched natural beauty and offers the most amazing adventures. South Africa allows you to absorb the local culture which was left unsullied by foreign rule yet lets you enjoy world class facilities. One of the provinces where you can experience all that, and for a very low fee is Mpumalanga. Cheap flights to Mpumalanga are available via the international airport in Nelspruit or at online travel agency.

Mpumalanga is known as the region ‘where the sun rises’. And the gods might have been very happy, indeed, when they decided to create its awe-inspiring landscape. As a result, tourism draws thousands of tourists to this area every single year. First of all, the winding road from one place to another is an amazing sight to see. It is reminiscent of the rolling hills dotted with differently colored flowers in England. If you want a greater adventure, try hiking to the majestic Makonjwa Mountains and the Lisbon Falls. They also have preserved historic towns which depict the comfortable lifestyle of the people during the gold rush days.

Besides tourism, the province earns loads from mining and agriculture. Three of the biggest coal reserves in the whole southern part of the continent are here. It also has a steel and vanadium industry. Because agriculture is big in this region, you can be sure that restaurant fare is always fresh.

There are a lot of really good hotels in Mpumalanga since this is a well-known tourist destination. Even the smaller ones which cost $20 a night have pretty decent facilities and offer hospitable services. Other than the cultural and historical tours, vacationers can enjoy a great night life this part of South Africa. These pubs and bars don’t just serve great cold beer and ale. They also offer some local dishes with a luscious, Western twist.

Mpumalanga is about 200 kilometers from Johannesburg so although there are Greyhound buses plying the highways from the largest South African cities to this region, it would be faster and more convenient to take one of the cheap flights to Mpumalanga instead via the Kruger International Airport.

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Airports of Mpumalanga

Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport