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About Vryburg

The city of Vryburg, located at the northwestern part of South Africa, is very productive. It is the center of the region’s agricultural and industrial activities. The entire region of Bophirima relies on this city’s production of fruits and vegetables. Its economy is fast-growing because of many cattle raisers. Beef has been very abundant in this city. It is even dubbed as the “Texas of South Africa” because of the huge amount of beef that it produces. This city is more prosperous than the other cities in South Africa. It can clearly be seen from its facilities and its environment. Cheap flights to Vryburg are directed to the airport on its south.

There are different ways to enjoy a trip here in Vryburg. One would be the visit to the Theiler Museum. This houses one-of-a-kind equipment used by veterinarians. Some of them are really old yet practical. These are believed to belong to Sir Arnold Thelier, the veterinarian who dedicated his life to the preservation of the wildlife in South Africa. There are also restaurants for tourists to enjoy. The most famous is the Ocean Basket. They are specializing in delightful seafood treats. They also have servings for beef and the other products found in the city.

There are hotels in Vryburg that are located right in front of these tourist destinations. It is recommendable to stay at these places because they are more comfortable. The paved roads easily connect tourists to the other well-known destinations in South Africa. This city is close to very refreshing resorts in the city of Cape Town. This is where tons of beaches may be enjoyed. Tourists who take cheap flights to Vryburg often go there for a side trip. There are also several nature reserves on its neighboring cities that are worth a visit.

This city has a subtropical climate. It is best if tourists will pack light and thin clothes because of its humidity. There are picnic areas and a lot of trees that may be used for shade whenever it gets too hot. It will also be better to take the public transport rather than to rent a car because it is faster and way cheaper.

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Airports near Vryburg

Oliver Reginald Tambo International (Jan Smuts International) (Johannesburg)