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About United States

The USA doesn't really need any introduction. It is the most powerful country in the world and probably the one place that every corner of the globe has heard of, and one which has somehow had a direct impact on their lives. Behind the idea of America and all of the opinions and prejudices that it undoubtedly inspires, the USA is a place where hundreds of millions live out their lives. It is a massive expanse that crosses the Atlantic the Pacific, and which reaches up from the desert scrub of Mexico to the Arctic climes of Alaska. You can throw Hawaii in there for good measure too.

The USA is a land of dreams: the American dream, that great belief that anybody no matter where they start from can become whoever they want to be in that great land. This unfaltering belief and sometimes excessive pride in exactly what it is that makes America great can often be confusing to the outsider, but for those who have traveled within this great country of many states, the infectious zeal of this place and its people are something that you never forget.

Aside from the big cities and the vast expanses of prairie fields and desert landscapes that all come together to make the USA the land that is, there is one thing that makes living in such a giant mass of land come together: the food. Americans like to eat, and they like to eat a lot. For those who visit the USA for the first time it may come as surprise to see the vast quantities served up in all you can restaurants and buffets. Burgers, fries, ribs, surf and turf. The outsider may not know exactly how to handle such an onslaught, but you most certainly will not go hungry!

Hollywood made the USA what it is for many. It the films from there which showed the world exactly what living in America was all about. These are undoubtedly great cultural reference points and say a great deal about America both today and yesteryear, but it is sometimes easy to forget that the USA is, as befits its size, the home of some of the most important cultural icons of the last few hundred years. From Warhol to Pollock, O'Keeffe to Rauschenberg; America has given many gifts to the world. Its music too is also perhaps one of its best exports. From Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen, Britney Spears to Jay-Z; the music world of today would not be what it was without its heavy American influence.

Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to the USA and these will invariably land you in the Big Apple, New York! A city of bright lights, and big dreams. A massive melting pot that is the reference point for this whole country. From the Statue of Liberty to Manhattan and the borough of Brooklyn, this is not a city that any visitor can miss out.

Flights to the USA can also be gotten to other parts of this great land very easily. San Francisco is perhaps New York’s twin in some respects, although one with a little more sparkle and light. Journeys through its unusual shaped streets and incredibly cosmopolitan center are a must, and a the Golden Gate bridge is a sight for all to tick off as seen!

Cheap flights to the USA mean that it has never been easier to travel right the way through the whole of this magic land. Hiring a car upon arrival is a great way to truly experience this massive place. Get On the Road like Jack Kerouac and discover the true essence of America!

Information about travelling to United States

  • Religions of United States
    Protestant 51.3%
    Roman Catholic 23.9%
    Mormon 1.7%
    other Christian 1.6%
    Jewish 1.7%
    Buddhist 0.7%
    none 4%
  • Independence of United States
    4 July 1776

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 4 July
  • The population of United States
    278 058 881 (3rd)
  • Area of United States
    9 826 675 km² (3rd)
  • Ethnic groups of United States
    white 79.96%
    black 12.85%
    Asian 4.43%
    Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%
    native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%
    two or more races 1.61%
  • Cellphone owners in United States
    310 million (3rd)