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About Trincomalee

The country of Sri Lanka is so rich when it comes to history. Also, the tropical setting of the nation gives way for a lot of people to enjoy the beach during the dry season. Both of these specialties are incorporated in cheap flights to Trincomalee. It is a district at the tail-end of the country. It is not hard to miss because of the prominent attractions that it boasts of. This city has been home to a lot of scenic spots that the country takes pride in. Tons of beaches and symbolic structures are seated in this district.

The Marble Beach located at the far-east coast of Trincomalee has been amusing people from all over the world because of its beauty. The typically stunning white-sand beaches all over the world are no match to its powdered and marble-like sand. This beach is also home to a lot of rock formations that are just spectacular to see. Assemblies of limestone cover some of its capes. Trees that have leaves touching the sand are also a joy to watch as they give shade to a lot of people enjoying the summer heat.

The greatest contribution that Trincomalee can give under history and religion would be the Koneswaram Temple. Even those who do not practice Hinduism find this structure breath-taking. It is not usually listed in one’s itinerary when taking cheap flights to Trincomalee but this is one great place to visit. People are swarming up and very busy taking pictures of every detail of the establishment but the solemnity of the area is kept. Everyone is expected to be in proper decorum here since it is a house of worship for the residents.

Trincomalee in Sri Lanka is definitely worth a visit. It has a handful of attractions that are considered world-class. The good thing about it is that hotels in Trincomalee are relatively cheaper. Staying longer than the usual will still be friendly to your budget. Booking online can be done to get a room in these establishments. The only thing that you will need is cash in your credit cards and a good connection to Internet to avail them.

Information about travelling to Trincomalee

  • Average temperature in Trincomalee
    29 °C
  • Minimum temperature during the year in Trincomalee
    12 °C
  • Average temperature in summer for Trincomalee
    31 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    Rs1.00(LKR) cost less than USD 0.01(USD)

Airports near Trincomalee

Bandaranaike International (Colombo)