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About Tinian

Tinian is the perfect destination for history lovers seeking a secluded paradise vacation. More than its diving sites and pristine beaches that surround its coastline, the Island of Tinian is also witness to the history that put the Marianas Islands into the whole picture of World War II.

To hop on to this island paradise, you can book cheap flights to Tinian and board at the Tinian International Airport. An alternative route to get cheap flights to Tinian as well as total transportation expenses is to ride in commuter planes in mainland Saipan and have it land on the abandoned runways of Tinian. The island was formerly an American landing and tactical air and naval base, so it’s both capable of naval and aerial transport. Either commuter planes or rented planes towards Tinian will work for aerial transportation with lesser expenses.

Tinian has a number of beaches aligned in hidden pockets of its coastline. These coves are in the middle of tropical trade winds, hence are perfect places for windsurfing. Anybody can go swimming or sunbathing in these beaches, or go diving in scenic places like the Tinian Grotto and the Dump Cove. The Tinian Grotto has a small cavern in it, which makes it a diving site for advanced divers. On the other hand, the Dump Cove has shallow areas for novice divers. In the Dump Cove one can see different WW2 artifacts. Remember to always have a local guide show you the way for your own safety.

Speaking of Tinian’s history, one must not go out of Tinian without feeling the winds in the Suicide Cliff, or Banzai Cliff. It is the infamous cliff where it is said that an army of defeated Japanese soldiers jumped off from the cliff to commit suicide instead of losing face to their Emperor. There are also American bunkers and atomic pits left behind.

If you want to save money for accommodation in Tinian Island, there are B&B Inns like Fleming Hotel, which also serve commendably great food besides cozy rooms. There are not many hotels in Tinian, but if we are talking about the most prominent hotel in the area, then it must be the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino, a pretty much ambitious work undertaken by the CNMI government in Tinian.

Information about travelling to Tinian

  • Average temperature in summer for Tinian
    32 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Tinian
    12.6 mm
  • Maximum temperature during the year in Tinian
    41 °C

Airports near Tinian

Rota (Rota)