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About Suncheon

Suncheon leaves an impression of being a highly commercialized city by looking at a bird’s eye view due to its buildings and other structures. However, this city is known for being a major part of South Korea’s history. Cheap flights to Suncheon sells like pancakes because of its tour offers, particularly for historic and sightseeing tours.

Suncheon is known to house Jeollanam-do’s remaining Joseon era castle, the Nagan Castle. This site shows off its majestic structure and its surrounding sites known for its alluring beauty while serving as a natural habitat for a diverse set of bird species found in the country.

The city is also known for the Suncheon Japanese Castle. Built during the time of Japanese invasion of the country, this castle has been properly maintained and presented as a great part of South Korea’s history. Packaged cheap flights to Suncheon usually include these sites for their tour offers and satisfy countless tourists who wish to tour this South Korean city.

Temples are also popular structures included in South Korea tours. Suncheon is famous for having one of the Three Jewel Temples in Korea, the Songgwang Temple, which is also among the highly visited structures in the city. Two other temples in Suncheon also gained fame in the tourism industry namely Seonamsa and Cheonjaam.

Aside from historical structures, Suncheon is also known for its local parks offering their lovely designs that many tourists love to see once they are in the city. They are established in the most accessible parts of the city and color it with remarkable floral colors that add to its overall beauty.

Suncheon is also famous for various bars that promote a memorable nightlife for each tourist who visits the city. The city features many local bars that offer the best beverages, snacks and ambiance perfect for curious tourists.

Hotels in Suncheon let every tourist have the most comfortable in the city with the best prices that also save them money. Local bus rides will give you the best savings as you get around the city and enjoy its tourist spots. Start your South Korea tour by visiting this notable city for a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Information about travelling to Suncheon

  • Average temperature for this month in Suncheon
    25 °C
  • Average temperature in summer for Suncheon
    26 °C
  • Average temperature in Suncheon
    18 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(KRW) cost less than $0.01(USD)

Airports near Suncheon

Incheon International Airport (Seoul)
Metropolitan Area (Seoul)