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About Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is a city bustling with people and various activities. It is the largest city in Nigeria and the second largest city in Africa, next only to Cairo. It has over 10 million residents and it would not be surprising if it gets promoted as a mega city in a few years.

In such a big city, it can be quite confusing where to start the tour adventure. It mostly depends on what kind of adventure you are after.

If you are looking for places to buy goods, enroll in a university, or experience the bustling metropolis, a trip to the Mainland is appropriate. This is where hospitals and other important buildings can be found. It is also the center for trade and commerce. Most businesses are based here.

If you are after the experience of bonding with the locals, going to the villages in Greater Lagos is advisable. You should be able to meet the locals and witness how they go through their daily grind when you come to visit.

The best tourist experience of all, the best reason to take cheap flights to Lagos is visiting the islands. There is a wide array of beaches in the city and they all offer unique experiences of being near the sea. Lagos Bar Beach, which is characterized by sand bars, is among the top choices available. Many interesting and luxury hotels in Lagos are situated here. Eko Tourist Resort is another top choice with its half a mile stretch of clean and white sand beach.

There is also an array of museums that you may check out to discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of the city. There’s the National Museum of Nigeria, the National Theater of Arts & Culture, the Nike Art Gallery, and the Didi Museum. The National Museum of Nigeria is a special place. It even has a Museum Kitchen where you can have a gastronomic adventure during weekdays.

Lagos is teeming with many activities. That’s why tourists love to come here not just for some quality rest and relaxation but also for definite pleasure. There is a large number of attractions that will surely make your cheap flights to Lagos worthwhile.

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