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How much do things cost in Idku?
Milk (1 liter) $1.06
Chicken breasts at the market $5.28
1 Pair of men leather shoes $55.72
Rice (white) $0.71
Taxi 1hour Waiting $2.31
Lettuce $0.26
Tomato (1kg) $0.49
Tennis court rent (1 hour on weekend) $6.57
Local draught beer $1.68
Pack of cigarettes $2.24
* All price are converted to USD

About Idku

The city of Idku in the district of Alexandria in Egypt has always been so fascinating. The town’s humility never fails to amuse guests. There are more and more cheap flights to Idku because of its proximity to the great tourist destinations presented by the entire Alexandrian region. This region has been considered as one of the hottest spots where tourists flock. Its alluring environment keeps visitors coming back.

Idku is just a few kilometers from the famous Underwater Discoveries. This is a spot in the Mediterranean Sea that lets divers see the best of the seabed. This is also where the remains of Pharos Lighthouse are believed to be located. There are more ruins trapped in this area such as ships, boats and even churches. Prepare some cash for the equipment rental. Some of them might cost a little more because of the complicated diving procedures that have to be used. This is an activity that you should never miss.

Tourists prefer staying in this city because hotels in Idku are way cheaper even if their quality is almost the same with those found in the center of Alexandria. In addition, there is a great view of the Lake Mairout. This is a stunning lake because of the forested area that surrounds it. The Terbana Mosque is also one of the most visited tourist spots in Alexandria. Luckily, it is so close to the city of Idku. This mosque is so interesting because of its size. It is so complicated yet the designs are confined in a very little structure. El-Shorbagi Mosque is its bigger version. It is located just a district apart from Terbana. Complete your trip by visiting both of them.

It is best to take cheap flights to Idku during April and May. The nation does not face harsh weather during this period. There is much rainfall during December up to January. It is too hot from July to August. Plus, there are fewer tourists that you have to compete with accommodations for hotels and other needs. This place is quiet and serene during these times.

Information about travelling to Idku

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