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How much do things cost in Fuwah?
Chicken breasts at the market $5.28
One-way ticket (local transport) $0.14
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in city centre $492.81
1 min. of prepaid mobile tariff $0.03
Taxi 1km $0.20
Taxi start $0.35
Pack of cigarettes $2.24
Cappuccino $1.81
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside of centre $123.10
Eggs (12) $1.50
* All price are converted to USD

About Fuwah

Fuwah or Fuwwah and Fouwah is a city located in the region of Karf ash Shaykh, Egypt. This medium size city has no airport and airlines with cheap flights to Fuwah are directed either to El Nousha Airport in Alexandria, Egypt and Cairo International airport in Cairo. Fuwah is one of the most populated areas in Farf ash Shaykh alongside with Disug, Sidi Salim, Al Hamul and the region's capital Karf ash shaykh.

Fuwah is a mixture of agricultural and industrial city where people tends small farms of wheat and vegetables and engage in craft like carpet weaving. From several small shops in Fuwah, you can find Kleems or Egyptian carpets of intricate designs and patterns. While expensive kleems are found in El Harania Village in Cairo, Fuwah kleems are moderately priced but with same elegance and quality. Fuwah takes pride that many shops in Cairo sell Kleems that are made by Fuwah's carpets' weavers. You can buy cheaper Fuwah's kleems if you will not make it obvious that you're a tourist as it is customary for Egyptian shop’s keepers to charge tourists with exuberant prices. If you can buy them with an Egyptian friend, the better bargain you’ll get.

Fuwah is geared for tourism and is mainly for settlement purposes. It is not surprising to find no hotels in Fuwah but only lodges, traveler's motel and Inn that are sparingly dotted within the city's center.

Muslim travelers (especially descendants of Saint Ibrahim El-Desouki) to Desouk oftentimes avail cheap flights to Fuwah and from here start their pilgrimage from Fuwah to Desouk"s sacred tomb of Saint Ibrahim El-Desouk. Descendants of this great Muslim Saint come as far from U.K. and U.S.A.

Because Fuwah receives travelers that are of Muslim Faith, it is not surprising to find many open restaurants in Fuwah offering vegetarian cuisine. Ful Mudammas are popular dish in Fuwah as well as in all Egypt. It is a creamy cooked Fava beans which is served with molokhiyya; a vegetable identical to Spinach. The dish is washed down with mint tea with sugar. A delicious dessert called baklava is served after each meal.

Fuwah is generally a regular and ordinary Egyptian city. It may not be as busy as Cairo, Giza and Alexandria but it in all aspect; it is truly with Egyptian character, surrounding and feel.

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Airports near Fuwah

Cairo International Airport (Cairo)