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How much do things cost in Hoima?
Utilities (Electricity, Heating, ...) for medium apartment $111.43
Local draught beer $1.17
Chicken breasts at the market $3.41
Mid-range restaurant $15.55
Milk (1 liter) $0.83
Loaf of white bread $1.28
Lettuce $1.18
Taxi 1km $1.00
Apples (1kg) $1.96
Cinema, international release, 1 seat $5.83
* All price are converted to USD

About Hoima

Hoima town is found in the western parts of Uganda. It’s the chief municipal, commercial and administrative hub of a district with the same name. The metropolis is found roughly 225km towards the northwest part of Kampala, which’s the capital city of Uganda. A census conducted in 2010 indicates that this place has an average population of 40,700 people. There are many cheap flights to Hoima which are suitable for the budget-conscious travelers.

Moreover, some considerable quantity of oil deposits was recently discovered in this city. As such, the place is set to become a center for mining and economic activity in the near future. All these factors have sparked great infrastructural development in the town. As such, visitors are assured of a comfortable stay while in this place. Land rates, real estate prices and accommodation costs are quite high due to these oil reserves. Therefore, visitors should carry enough money while visiting the town on vacation.

The central station of Omukama Kingdom is also found here, this chieftainship was at its greatest potential between the 16 & 19th century. This traditional organization is recognized by the government up to cultural level. It consists of a king who’s also the cultural head, principle personal secretary, the Orukurato parliament and cabinet of 21 selected Ministers. Moreover, cheap flights to Hoima can be enjoyed by visiting the country during public holidays. Most airlines subsidize their prices at this time to attract more passengers.

Each year, the people organize an event known as ‘Empago’ ceremony to commemorate their heritage. This particular celebration is conducted in the king’s Royal Palace; all members of the Banyoro community are invited to this event free-off charge. In this ceremony, the king often beats a set of royal drums to signal his immense power and influence over the region he dominates. The celebration features singing, music and dancing amongst other related fun activities.

The ancient Batembuzi Dynasty can also be found in this town, this name literally means harbingers in English. These people are believed to be amongst the first Africans to use Bronze tools. Most hotels in Hoima are rated 4-star. They are luxurious and suitable for both visitors on business and amusement seekers.

Information about travelling to Hoima

  • Average temperature in summer for Hoima
    21 °C
  • Average temperature in Hoima
    22 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Hoima
    255 mm
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(UGX) cost less than $0.01(USD)

Airports near Hoima

Entebbe International Airport (Entebbe)