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About Gwangju

Gwangju with a total land area of 501.4 km ranked as South Korea\s 6th largest city. It is under the direct control of government's Home Minister as a designated Metropolitan city. Gwangju derived its present name connecting two Korean words "Gwan" and "ju" which means "light province". Although considered a metropolitan city, the city was able to retain its comely provincial sceneries especially in the city's outskirts.

Gwangju offers places of interest such as Gwangju National Museum. The museum offers to the public collections of historical relics from the old feudal lords of Korea. The city has different stadiums that attracts tourist and sports fans from all over the world. Moodeung Stadium and Guus Hiddink Stadium offer the biggest capacity for any sport event and gathering. Gwangju Hyanggyo inside Gwangju Park is the location of many Korean traditional houses that were preserved to showcase Korean traditions and customs.

The Gwangju Airport does not have direct flights to other Korean cities with the exception of Seoul and Jeju. To reach Gwangju, you have to book your flight to Seoul and from Seoul get a flight to Gwangju. Do not expect to have cheap flights to Gwangju from Seoul, unless your budget will allow, it is better taking the bus and head directly to Gwangju even if you have to travel for 4 and half long hours or take a flight from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport and take direct bus to Gwangju. You can also take a flight from Seoul and get cheap flights to Gimhe airport and from here take a bus heading to Gwanju. These two are the fastest route to reach Gwangju.

Electronics and gadget fans would have fun visiting Kumho World Electronics Market. It is just behind U-Square Bus terminal and it's easy to recognize its arched roof made of glass. The building houses 5 floors of stalls of electronic items such as laptops, cellphones, Computers, MP3. DVD players, X-BOX and PS3 and every electronic gadget you can think of. To get fair and good price, you have to haggle with the seller. But make sure you have already mastered the phrase "Ka-Ka-Joo-Sae-Yo" which means "give me a discount please".

Once in Gwangju, you can stay in public bathhouse called jjimjiibang instead of staying in a hotel in Gwangju. These public bathhouses have sleeping quarters and offer the cheapest sleeping room. Experiencing Korean traditional bathhouse which offers traditional Korean hospitality makes this accommodation option better.

Information about travelling to Gwangju

  • Average rain for this month in Gwangju
    72.7 mm
  • Average temperature in Gwangju
    19 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(KRW) cost less than $0.01(USD)
  • Average temperature in summer for Gwangju
    29 °C

Airports near Gwangju

Incheon International Airport (Seoul)
Metropolitan Area (Seoul)