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Cheap Flights to Cusco

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How much do things cost in Cusco?
Taxi 1km $1.07
Monthly Pass (local transport) $15.40
Potato (1kg) $0.43
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside of centre $335.31
One-way ticket (local transport) $0.23
Lettuce $0.36
Coke bottle $0.66
Combo meal at McDonalds $5.91
Tomato (1kg) $1.07
1 Summer dress in a chain store $28.64
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About Cusco

Scheduling cheap flights to Cusco, Peru, is a treat for history buffs, those seeking to visit a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as those looking to explore South America. The home of the former Incan empire, it's a unique opportunity to explore ancient ruins and see glory and former legacy of the Incan empire, including their heritage, history, religious sites and more. A popular tourist destination, Cusco is home to over 2 million tourists per year, so wouldn't you like to be one with cheap tickets to Cusco?

Qorikancha was the main religious center in Cusco in the time of the Incas, and home to its major temple complex, with the main temple being dedicated to the Temple of the Sun. In its former glory, nearly everything was covered in tons of gold and silver, which was promptly melted down and looted by the Spanish Conquistadors. Visitors will be enamored with the fabulous Incan stone carvings and architecture, which is most of all what remains today. Qorikancha was once home to the mummies of Incan kings, children, with this site the home to the Incan high priests, who orchestrated all rituals.

Cheap flights to Cusco will allow you to view Sacsayhuaman, the Incan fortress made entirely of limestone, and was built over a period of 50 years. The ruins are set in a beautiful location, with calming natural scenery. What's fabulous about Sacsayhuaman is that despite the fact that the fortress was made without any mortar, the stonework is expertly carved to fit together.

Q'enqo is another Incan ruin site, which was used as a site of ancient religious ritual. Although the Spanish attempted to destroy it, a portion of it still remains, and was probably used as a site of worship as well as a site of human and animal sacrifice. There was also an observatory here, to observe the Sun, Moon, Stars, etc. (all of which were worshiped by the Incans,) as well as an amphitheater, a former site of gathering. Experience Q'enqo with airline tickets to Cusco and start to begin the vacation of a lifetime.

Book your cheap flights to Cusco and you'll be absolutely enthralled by the Cusco Cathdral, originally built by the Conquistadors in the 1600 from stones carted away from Sacsayhuaman, and built in a Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architectural style. It's an awe inspiring place, filled with gold and silver as well as a number of interesting paintings, including a painting which is said to show the famed Cusco earthquake of 1650.

With your flights to Cusco, you can also enjoy other things besides Incan ruins and colonial history. Check out the Pisaq Market, which is Cusco's largest market. It's a great place to buy clothing, jewelry, local food, see local rural medicine at work and experience the city's culture, heritage and people.

Love chocolate? Who doesn't! Come and visit the ChocoMuseum in Cusco to find out about the history of chocolate, see cool vintage ads, learn about the cocoa bean by visiting a cacao farm and sample delicious chocolate to your heart's content by purchasing delicious handmade chocolate items. It's a perfect place for families, chocoholics, or those looking for something a little different than ruins and temples to experience.

No matter if you need flights or hotels in Cusco, Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to Cusco so you can start your vacation with more money in your pocket and experience one of the most beloved vacation spots on earth.

Top attractions in Cusco

Machu Picchu

Located high above the Urubamba Valley in Peru , the Incan city of Machu Picchu is the most popular tourist attraction in the country. This ancient city dates back to the fifteenth century, and was built on the order of the first ruler of the Incan empire, known as the Sapa Inca Pachacuti. The city was inhabited for over one hundred years, until Peru was conquered by the Spanish in 1532. The city was then lost for several hundred years, and subsequently re-discovered by Western civilization in 1911, when an American historian named Hiram Bingham was shown the site by locals.


Information about travelling to Cusco

  • Average temperature in Cusco
    20 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Cusco
    46.6 mm
  • Average temperature in summer for Cusco
    20 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(PEN) = $0.25(USD)

Airports near Cusco

Jorge Chavez International (Lima)