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About Cockburn Harbour

If you want to experience Turks and Caicos Islands through its people, there is no better recourse than to take cheap flights to Cockburn Harbour. This is the main settlement area, located in South Caicos.

The Friendly Locals

Cockburn Harbour boasts of the largest community among the Caicos islands. Its friendly and hospitable people are very nice to come around. They will not give you a headache mixing in because they will give you a grand welcome alright.

One of the major industries in the city today is tourism and it is not surprising so. The locals will envelope you in a warm embrace. You can even play dominoes with them or just laugh with them over some nice local tales.

Many Attractions

Aside from its people, cheap flights to Cockburn Harbour are also about enjoying the local attractions. There are remnants of the salt industry, which was once the main source of livelihood for the local residents. Cockburn Harbour was a major exporter of salt many years before and although its main industries today are tourism and fishing, it did not lost track of the salt industry altogether.

Other activities that are available in Cockburn Harbour include bird watching, bar hopping, and snorkeling. Like the rest of the islands, it offers a great view of the reefs, which is what the Caribbean is hailed for.

One of the best experiences of a Cockburn Harbour holiday is waking up early not just to watch the sun rise but also to witness the local fishermen setting off on their journey for the day. When they return, expect fresh catch of local delicacies to come with them. Lobster and conch and various types of fishes are caught in the fishing ground to be turned into delectable recipes. This will best give you an idea how simple, relaxed, and delicious life at the village is.

There are many hotels in Cockburn Harbour and they are classified according to their price and amenities. You can well choose a place to stay that will fit your preference and your budget right with the accommodation options available.

Information about travelling to Cockburn Harbour

  • Average temperature for this month in Cockburn Harbour
    31 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Cockburn Harbour
    18 mm
  • Minimum temperature during the year in Cockburn Harbour
    -2 °C

Airports near Cockburn Harbour

International (Providenciales)