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About Cheongju

Staying in Cheongju, South Korea can be exciting and hassle-free if you know enough of the city’s local culture and tourist spots. So if you plan to visit this place in the future, the following tips could help you get around easily.

Getting there

International flights to the city are available for people from Cambodia, China, and Taiwan but travelers are advised to avoid taking photos while on the airport. If you came from other cities in the country you can reach Cheongju by public bus system. Buses can also take you around the city but taxi cabs are the easiest way to explore the place.

Top attractions

Cheongju has plenty of sights to see. Several famous parks in the city include Children’s Grand Park, Gajisan National Park, Penis Park, and Hallasan National Park. The city is also famous for its mountain fortress popularly called Sangdangsanseong and the iron flagpole called Yongdusaji Cheoldanggan.

The Namdaemun Market offers the best deals for clothes, shoes, bags, purses, office supplies and other beautiful souvenirs. This place houses several street vendors and small stalls that offer hundreds of fashionable and inexpensive items for tourists.

Where to eat

The city offers various food outlets to satisfy your palate ranging from authentic Korean dishes to western cuisines and famous fast-food chains.

If you’re in a budget you can visit Galbi Restaurants and Say Won Sushi for delicious but affordable Korean meals. Street foods in Cheongju are also plenty and you can buy rice cakes per slice and have it topped with pepper and other select ingredients. Well to do travelers can dine buffet style at the Bon Apetit or try the best chicken dishes and steaks at the Outback Steakhouse.

Where to sleep

Cheongju has plenty of budget but clean motels for tourists who want affordable place to spend the night. Modern hotels are also available if you want a mixture of comfort and style.


If you’re a woman, don’t get caught smoking in public places especially in the street. Women smokers are not really banned in the city but this habit is considered rude and should be done only in private.

Information about travelling to Cheongju

  • Average temperature in winter for Cheongju
    5 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(KRW) cost less than $0.01(USD)
  • Average temperature in summer for Cheongju
    29 °C
  • Minimum temperature during the year in Cheongju
    -20 °C

Airports near Cheongju

Incheon International Airport (Seoul)
Metropolitan Area (Seoul)