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About Brest

Brest is a city in Belarus, located near the border with Poland, opposite to the city of Terespol, in which the Mukhavets and Bug rivers meet. It is the place where many important historical events took place, such as the Treaty of Brest Litovsk and the Union of Brest. Furthermore, the city fortress had been recognized as the Hero Fortress that was a special Soviet award. After you travel to Brest, a brief history of the city may be helpful. Brest city had been founded by Slavs. As a town, Brest was initially described in 1019 and it is today one of the oldest urban areas in the country.

The town had been captured by the Germans during the First World War. The treaty of Brest Litovsk was signed in March 1918, in the Brest Litovsk fortress, which is located on the western outskirts of the city. This treaty had ended the war between the Central Powers and the Soviet Union, thereby transferring the city to the influence of the Germans. The treaty was finally annulled at the end of the war. For those planning to purchase cheap flights to Brest, tourist sites are an important topic. A great Soviet-period battle memorial site was built on the 1941 site of battle, in order to honor the unknown and known defenders of the Hero Fortress.

The memorial is known as the biggest tourist sightseeing of Brest. The famous Berestye Museum of Archaeology of Berst’s old region is situated on the southern island of Hero Fortress. It contains hundreds of objects, dating back from the Middle Ages. The city is also known for its shopping mall - the Sovietskaya Street. The area was reconstructed between 2007 and 2009, in order to bring back to life the magnificent style of the German architecture.

Another great reason to book your cheap flights to Brest is the possibility to visit the Museum of Rescued Art Treasures, which presents a fabulous collection of icons and paintings. Flights to Brest are full of tourists all around the year also because they can visit the outdoor railway museum, the first of its kind in Belarus.

Brest also used to have a synagogue, which had been noted as the first in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Furthermore, the city also presents a Greek and an Armenian Catholic bishop. A holocaust memorial in the city remembers the 35,000 Jews of the ghetto of Brest, who were murdered during the beginning of the Final Solution. This city has also a great park that can be enjoyed immediately after you have purchased their cheap tickets to Brest. The park is 100 years old, but was renovated last year and rebuild to its formal glory. Aside from all the popular tourist destinations, Brest also has many more sites to offer. These may include the handful of theaters and cinemas, national parks, clubs, coffee places and gourmet restaurants. These are a major advantage for anyone who is planning to purchase airline tickets to Brest.

At the end of the day, Brest is a city that anyone can find attractive to explore. Regarding accommodation, hotels in Brest offer great services at affordable prices. It all becomes even better if the hotels are booked with several months in advance. In order to enjoy the cherry on the cake, someone should order his cheap flights to Brest from our website. Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to Belarus. That’s why is the right time to call all your friends and tell them about this great opportunity to visit a country located in the Eastern Europe. Due to the weather, the best period of the year to travel to Brest is during the summer. A holiday during the winter can be a problem for someone that is used to a warm climate. The temperatures can go far below zero Celsius degrees and the snow storms are a common presence in the country.

Information about travelling to Brest

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    12 °C
  • Average temperature in summer for Brest
    24 °C