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About Siparia

There is a town in the country of Trinidad and Tobago that is dubbed as “The Sand City”. This is Siparia and it is located south of the region of Trinidad. This town has been the seat of the very colorful festival named La Divina Pastora. It is celebrated annually as a thanksgiving celebration for the patron saints in the area. Cheap flights to Siparia do not only mean experiencing festivities; it is so much more.

Siparia is a nest of the world’s best and unusual spots. It is the home of the largest asphalt lake that can be found in the entire globe. This lake is a tangible proof of the wonders of nature. There are different areas in the lake where one can find pleasure. Most of the surface areas of the lake are open for tourists to walk on. One can definitely feel like walking on water. There are also points where there is danger waiting for those who are careless. Following the instructions given the guides will definitely spare you a lot of bruises, burns and other worse things that simply cannot be imagined.

One can also find here the very magical mud volcano named Chattam Offshore. People are still wondering why there are times when the parts of these majestic spots fall under the water. There are events when the volcano spits mud angrily. After that, everything is washed away by the water underneath it. There are mythical stories that can be told about this by the locals. Booking cheap flights to Siparia will give you the chance to hear the stories up close and personal.

Siparia is a wonderful place; it is wonderful in every sense of the word. It is also outrageous at the same time. All the things that you did not expect to exist are here. Cheap flights to Siparia are really unforgettable because of the great combination of the gifts of nature that it has received. Each and every spot that it has will not be on the top of the list without bearing great fun and adventure to offer.

Information about travelling to Siparia

  • Average rain for this month in Siparia
    308.1 mm
  • Maximum temperature during the year in Siparia
    39 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(TTD) = $0.15(USD)
  • Average temperature in Siparia
    32 °C

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