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How much do things cost in El Coco?
Gasoline (1 liter) $1.08
1 Summer dress in a chain store $21.80
1 Pair of Jeans $50.33
Combo meal at McDonalds $5.00
Cappuccino $1.83
Tomato (1kg) $2.28
Cinema, international release, 1 seat $4.50
Utilities (Electricity, Heating, ...) for medium apartment $74.03
Pack of cigarettes $4.50
Loaf of white bread $1.57
* All price are converted to USD

About El Coco

El Coco is one populated place in Panama. This town belongs to the La Chorrera district with more than 19,600 occupants. Though it is not considered a tourist hotspot, El Coco is a likely place to visit if you happen to be in the area of La Chorrera especially if you’re looking for a place to do a little stop-over. El Coco is quiet, safe and a bit far from the pollution and toxic city life.

Since this town is not a primary tourist destination, you obviously won’t find any cheap flights to El Coco from your place of origin. What you should do is fly to Tocumen International Airport and travel by land from Tocumen to reach La Chorrera and finally El Coco. There are rental cars available at the airport if you want to travel with style but taxis and buses are also available for those who want a cheaper form of transportation.

When you reach El Coco and did not find anything of interest in that place you don’t need to fret since the colorful district of La Chorrera is just around the corner. This place contains enough natural attractions and festivities to keep you busy and entertained. It has beautiful waterfalls, lakes and rock carvings and among the most popular is the Sandy Lake Gatun located in Iturralde. This lake is a tourist favorite especially those fond of fishing and different boating activities. Fishing newbies can even have an experienced guide to teach them of the proper way of fishing. The lake also has enough food stalls selling sumptuous local cuisines to keep your stomach full. Another nice attraction nearby is the Pipe Jet Quebrao in Mendoza district, a few minute drive from La Chorrera.

Of course, you should also use your cheap flights to El Coco wisely and visit other places in Panama. If you’re done with La Chorrera you should go to the nearby cities and explore a little bit or simply go barhopping. You may also want to find a good hotel to spend the night in the city since there are no available hotels in El Choco and even the district of La Chorrera has few lodging options.

Information about travelling to El Coco

  • Average temperature in El Coco
    30 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(PAB) = $1(USD)
  • Maximum temperature during the year in El Coco
    39 °C
  • Average temperature in summer for El Coco
    30 °C

Airports near El Coco

Tocumen International (Panama City)