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How much do things cost in Dinant?
Loaf of white bread $2.24
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside of centre $881.36
Apples (1kg) $4.75
Cappuccino $3.39
1 Summer dress in a chain store $88.14
1 Pair of men leather shoes $108.47
Water bottle (0.33 liter) $1.36
1 Pair of Nike shoes $88.14
* All price are converted to USD

About Dinant

Looking to travel to Dinant? Well, you are lucky. Get all the information you need about the city of Dinant by simply reading this short summary of the great city. Although not commonly heard of, Dinant is a city that is located in Belgium. It is important that you will not underestimate the city of Dinant just because of its decreased popularity. After all - some of the world’s greatest tourist sites are those that few people talk about. After visiting the city, somebody quickly understands that Dinant is not just another city, but a spectacular one and must be discovered after you buy cheap flights to Dinant.

Dinant is a city in Wallon Municipality, placed on the River Meuse which flows in the Belgian Namur Province. It is approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Carleroi. Dinant includes the old communes of Drehance, Falmignoul, Bouvignes-sur-Meuse, Anseremme, Sorinnes, Furfooz, Foy-Notre-Dame and Thynes. The city is full of history, dating all the way back to the 10th century. You will discover all its history by purchasing cheap flights to Dinant.

After booking your flights to Dinant, the next step is to plan your sightseeing list. It is important to plan carefully your destination list in the city of Dinant, due to the fact that time is a key player, especially if you are short of it. Therefore, the smartest strategy someone can do is to write down a bullet-point list of travel sites to see. In this way, you will visit the most important sites and also have time for all the rest. Here are just some of the tourist sites and attractions you must add to your list:

The landmark of the city of Dinant is the Notre-DameCollegiate Church. It has been rebuilt in a unique Gothic style based on its previous foundations, after the rocks that fell from the close by cliff substantially destroyed the old Romanesque style church in 1227. A previous project was made and many stages for the pair towers were completed until the idea was abandoned in favor of the current central tower having its well-known onion dome and the multi-staged lantern. Just visit the cathedral after you book cheap tickets to Dinant.

Above the church arises a vertical flank which is surmounted by a fortified citadel which was initially built during the 11th century to take control of the Meuse Valley. The famous Prince Bishop of Liege was the one who rebuilt and drastically enlarged the structure in 1530, which the French ultimately destroyed in 1703. It current aspect, having the rock stairs, is because of rebuilding during 1821. A cable car exists and is available in the popular season to move visitors from Collegiate Church all the way to the top part of the Citadel.

Adolphe Sax’s house is also a common tourist site. Adolphe Sax was the inventor of the saxophone. There you will find a good collection of original musical instruments.

When is about the food, you can find local food as long as Thai, Chinese, Indian, Greak, Turkish or Italian restaurants.

There are many things someone can see in the area after buying airline tickets to Dinant. Although not commonly discussed as a popular tourist site, Dinant still holds ground as a center of many tourist sites. Ultimately, if one wants to visit the city of Dinant, it all comes down to finances. If the money is there, there is no reason why you should not be able to explore this great city. It is always crucial to find cheap flights to Dinant before making the final purchase. Prices highly vary between different flight agencies, meaning that it is up to you to do the necessary research. Although many flight sites claim to be the cheapest, most of them aren’t, so it is very important to compare before taking out your credit card. One website that you can trust to do the job and which really is cheaper than the rest is Flighthub. That why Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to all destinations worldwide. Because there are few hotels in Dinant, you must book also the room in advance.

Information about travelling to Dinant

  • Average temperature in summer for Dinant
    21 °C
  • Average temperature in Dinant
    13 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Dinant
    63.5 mm
  • Currency exchange rate
    €1.00(EUR) = $1.21(USD)

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