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How much do things cost in Boston?
Mid range bottle of wine $12.00
Tennis court rent (1 hour on weekend) $27.49
Combo meal at McDonalds $7.00
Taxi start $2.68
Cappuccino $3.95
Mid-range restaurant $60.00
Rice (white) $4.52
Cinema, international release, 1 seat $12.00
Chicken breasts at the market $8.02
Local draught beer $5.00
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About Boston

Let’s face it, flying doesn't usually come cheap. Most of us save on a daily basis so that we will be able to take a vacation once a year. The fact of the matter is that if someone really wants to fly, he will find some cheap tickets. Even if the money is there, it is always better to save as much as possible, as the economic situation is far from being stable. Finding cheap flight tickets is not an impossible task and it requires a bit of research. Cheap flights to Boston are available and should be snatched!

The city of Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and is recognized as one of the most rich, historic and famous cities in the U.S. The best time to travel to Boston is from May to September. Climate in Boston can range widely, as winters may be very cold as compared to the humid and warm summers. Those who order cheap flights to Boston are usually highly concerned with activities and sightseeing in the city. Boston has great deals in the summer period; several of them are absolutely free. One can go for a stunning helicopter tour of Boston and explore sights such as the Charles River, battlefields of Lexington or Harvard University.

Hotels in Boston are often a concern among tourists who travel to the city. This is because most of the visitors directly assume that a popular and touristic city such as Boston must have very high hotel rates. Unfortunately, this presumption often leads millions of tourists in taking the first hotel they see which usually charge higher prices per night stay. Just like airline tickets to Boston, the best strategy someone can take when booking a room in the city is to do it with several months in advance. Although research is initially necessary in finding your desired hotel, booking early may cut hotel prices by one third.

The city has a lot of traffic, so using the public transport network would probably be a good idea. However, tourists can also see most of the city sightseeing and attractions on foot. If a tourist desires some adventure, a great place to go is the Tomb. At the same time you can take the well-known Boston Movie tour. Plus, the city has many clubs, bars and restaurants in the Lansdowne Street, which will give you the nightlife you have always wanted. This is a major reason why most flights to Boston are packed with young individuals looking to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

The city of Boston is quite safe to travel in, as the police department in the city makes sure to keep it as safe as possible. Furthermore, the public transport network in the city is also very safe, with incidents of crime being quite rate. Areas which are visited by travelers are quite safe during the nighttime, but it is always better to take care of belongings when situated in crowded place. Contact a travel operator and book those cheap tickets to Boston. The city has some amazing shopping experiences awaiting you in Newbury Street, which is meant for high-end shopping. Tourists in search for street vendors, quick food or souvenirs should visit the Downtown area.

Looking at what the city has to offer, someone must be crazy not to take advantage of cheap flights to Boston. Amazing nightlife, great museums and breathtaking views are just a few of the advantages tourists have when visiting the great city of Boston. Some great deals that can be found in Boston make the travel experience a huge opportunity. Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to Boston all the time. The whole traveling experience will cost much less than you would have ever expected, meaning that you won’t just enjoy an absolutely great city, but will also do it for a low price. Don't wait anymore and book your tickets today!

Top attractions in Boston

Boston Public Garden

Another stop on the Freedom Trail is the Boston Public Garden, the largest garden in the city, and located in downtown Boston. This is a beautiful garden that has been around since 1837 when Horace Gray appealed to the city leaders to set the land aside for public use as a botanical garden, and it finally became recognized in 1856. This park is 24 acres of beautiful grounds, flowering gardens, statuary, a great place to stroll or have a picnic. There are plenty of wonderful paths that were originally designed by James Slade and John Galvin, and the statues and fountains add to the beauty and serenity of the park.

Sam Adams Brewery

The Sam Adams Brewery, in Boston, is one of the most famous breweries in American and produces the Samuel Adams beer. Samuel Adams was one of the most famous American Patriots, but he was not the one who started this brewery, it was simply named after him for his role in the American Revolution and certainly his role in the Boston Tea Party. He did brew his own beer, as did many people during this time. The recipe for this beer was originally developed in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1860, and was originally called the "Samuel Adams Boston Lager" beer. Tours of this brewery are available, as well as samples and various Sam Adams paraphernalia. Just be aware, visitors must be over 21 years old to visit the brewery, and the legal US identification is required; international IDs are not accepted.

Boston Harbor Islands

The Boston Harbor Islands are actually a group of approximately 35 islands that are identified as a National Recreation Area near Boston, Massachusetts, and these include some great places to see in addition to some fantastic activities. Some of the most interesting places to see are islands named Raccoon, Hangman, Little Calf, Grape, Bumpkin, and many more with interesting names and unusual histories. Thirteen of these islands actually form the Boston Harbor Island State Park that was developed in the 1970s. Boston Harbor itself is one of the greatest natural ports on the east coast.


Information about travelling to Boston

  • Average temperature in summer for Boston
    27 °C
  • Maximum temperature during the year in Boston
    38 °C
  • Average temperature in winter for Boston
    5 °C

Airports of Boston

Logan International