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Covid-19 Information

We sincerely apologize for any challenges you have experienced with respect to your existing reservation with FlightHub.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working around the clock to help our customers find the best possible resolution to their situation. As a travel agency, we are bound by airline rules, policies and restrictions. Refunds or future travel credits are dependent on what the airlines allow us to provide.

While we are doing our best to accommodate customer requests, we can only offer what the airlines are permitting us to. Many airlines are unfortunately not offering refunds, so even though we understand your predicament, we are not in a position to provide refunds for airlines that are not granting them.

Thank you for your understanding.

Useful Links

To keep up to date on updates for the coronavirus, use the links below. Links will be updated as new information is available.

Options Explained

Based on airline policy, you may be eligible for one of the following (handling fees may apply):

Cancel Without Refund

We were able to secure a great price for your original flight. However, cancelling your ticket and exchanging it for a future flight may be subject to restrictions and/or additional costs. Prices for replacement flights may be higher than what you originally paid, and may involve less choice, due to the limitations imposed by the airlines for flight exchanges. Potential restrictions and/or limitations include:

Upon rebooking, you may be charged an Exchange fee per passenger by the airline.

Your reservation must be canceled prior to the scheduled departure date or you risk losing the full value of your original ticket.

You must rebook your new flight(s) through FlightHub. You can rebook by contacting one of our Customer Service Agents or by logging into "Manage My Booking".


Some airlines are waiving their penalty fees to allow you to book new flights. New flights are subject to airline restrictions. Changes are only allowed for un-flown flights. When you request to change your flight with us, we will handle fulfilling your request with the airline on your behalf. Please visit your self-serve page to check for the options.


If you cannot change your flights, you may be entitled to a refund. Some airlines are allowing tickets to be refunded even if you purchased non-refundable tickets due to COVID-19 outbreak. Refunds are only available for un-flown flights. When you request a refund with us, we will cancel your booking and will handle fulfilling your request with the airline on your behalf. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it could take up to 18 weeks to receive refund to the original form of payment you used when you purchased the itinerary. Please note that not all airlines are offering refunds, please click here to see if you are eligible.

Please note, to be eligible for options above, your reservation must be canceled or exchanged prior to the scheduled departure date or you risk losing the full value of the tickets.

If you booked with low cost carriers, such as Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, etc. we suggest you visit their website for more information.

Review our Airline Travel Waivers table, to check available options offered by airlines.

Handling Fees

Travel Waivers

Below is a “Travel Waivers” table to quickly look up current travel waivers. Select your airline and review the waiver information

Because of the rapid development of this global health emergency, information is being issued quickly by the airlines regarding travel waivers. While we will do our very best to keep this page up to date as new information becomes available, we cannot guarantee that the information is entirely complete or current. If your travel was affected by the outbreak, but cannot see a waiver related to your flight here, you may want to check with your airline directly by visiting the airline’s website.

Ticket Refund Updates

If you’ve already submitted an application for a refund, take note that your refund may take a little longer than normal to complete with the sheer number of passengers that were impacted. We are processing refunds in the order the request was received.

You will receive an e-mail as a confirmation of completion of your refund once it has been processed. Your refund should be reflected on your billing statement within 2 billing cycles based on credit card and financial institution. You can also check updates of your application online. Please click here to check the status of your reservation.

Travel Restrictions

Given that several countries have imposed entry restrictions for those who have recently been to affected areas, please ensure that you are able to enter your final destination country.


If you believe your travel plans are affected by COVID19 outbreak and you are looking to cancel your reservation, please click below to submit your cancelation request.

Track your Cancel Request Status

If you have already submitted a request for cancelation, and would like to track the status of your request, please click on the link below.