FlightHub Group Restructuring

How does the restructuring impact customers?

Since the start of the pandemic, FlightHub and JustFly have been working around the clock at adapting their operations in response to the unpredictable impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. We have been helping thousands of customers change their travel plans at the last minute and find their way home during these uncertain times.

We will continue our 24/7, razor-sharp focus on servicing our customers throughout this process, both through our phone agents and through our online self-serve portal. We look forward to continuing to help our customers explore the world as the travel industry rebounds.

We also continue to sell new travel options to our customers, providing them with the same great itineraries at the best price.

Will products change as a result of the filing? Can we still buy flights?

We have been and remain committed to delivering on our value proposition to customers, which is providing travelers with great itineraries at the best price.

We are continuing to sell flights to destinations allowing travel, and now is a great time to get deals on future travel destinations. Many airlines offer attractive fares, plus free exchanges (agency service fees may apply). Customers can continue feeling confident booking their flights with us at FlightHub.com.

If I purchase a flight through FlightHub, will the airline honor it?

All our contracts with the airlines are still intact. If you have purchased a flight through us, the service will be delivered by the airlines. FlightHub and JustFly pay the airlines in advance, so the airline is therefore obligated to provide the seat on the plane.

Will FlightHub continue to offer refunds and future travel credits?

Yes, we will continue to offer refunds and future travel credits based on what airline policies and restrictions allow. As usual, we are committed to helping our customers find the best possible resolution to their requests.

What is the best way to request a refund or credit?

Given the very high volume of requests we receive each day, it is best to avoid wait times by using our self-serve portal.

For FlightHub, please visit our self-serve portal or our page concerning the COVID-19 to learn more about our policies and procedures during COVID-19.

What will happen to pending refund requests?

Pending refund requests are still being processed, and customers can be confident in the fact that they will receive the best possible outcome based on airline policies and travel restrictions. Where applicable, customers can expect a payout within a reasonable processing delay.

Is the company in a position to honor future travel credits?

We will continue to honor the future travel credits we have provided to customers, regardless of the restructuring process.

Why have FlightHub placed themselves under the protection of the CCAA?

The FlightHub Group owns and operates two of the world's leading online travel agencies, with a strong track record of growth and financial stability. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a chain of unprecedented events that have had a significant impact globally, bringing the travel industry to a near halt.

Like most other travel-related businesses, FlightHub and JustFly have been greatly affected by a sharp decline in sales, as well as a significant strain on cash flow caused by COVID-19 related cancellations and refunds from previous sales. We have implemented a creditor protection process to ensure continuity of our business operations and the long-term viability of our company.

The management team and Board of Directors will remain in place throughout the restructuring process, providing comfort and security to existing and new customers that their requests will be serviced on a business-as-usual basis. In addition, existing shareholders have committed new funding to the company in order to enable the restructuring process and ensure that the company can successfully exit the process.

What is the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (“CCAA”)?

CCAA (the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act) is a Canadian statute that allows companies to restructure their affairs and negotiate with creditors under the protection of the court while continuing day-to-day operations.

How long will the restructuring process last?

It is very difficult to determine how long the process will last. However, the company intends on leveraging the proceedings to stabilize the business in response to the COVID-19 downturn and emerge in a stronger position.