About WestJet Airlines Ltd.

While WestJet has been providing air carrier service to Canada and beyond since only 1996, it has already made quite a name for itself in the world of cheap flights and low priced flight tickets. Quite the new kid on the block on the Canadian airline scene, it's already the second largest Canadian airline after Air Canda.


WestJet proudly flies to over 80 destinations worldwide, in Canada, North America, Central America and the Caribbean alike. WestJet has become the 9th largest airline carrier in North America, only based on the number of passengers that it serves on an annual basis, flying over 17 million passengers alone in 2012- something extremely impressive for such a new airline.

Already a proud bearer of awards, WestJet won the "Most Admired Corporate Cultures" award from Waterstones' study for four straight years. It also made the list as a "J.d. Power Customer Service Campion," and also came in third as Aon Hewitt's "best employers in Canada." WestJet was also selected by flightnetwork.com as having "the best flight attendants" and also was selected more than once as "Canada's preferred airline."

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Where do I find out about baggage policies for WestJet?

As baggage policies are constantly changing, get the most up-to-date and current information on carry on baggage, checked baggage and overage as well as other extremely helpful information like restricted items, hunting and sports equipment and special items. It is here that you'll also find out what to do in case your baggage is delayed, becomes damaged, or is lost during a flight.

How do I receive a copy of my WestJet flight itinerary?

Looking to receive a copy of your flight itinerary or a confirmation? You will be able to receive a copy in your email with information about your name, flight number/flight numbers as well as information on your departure/arrival dates and times. Find out about itinerary information on WestJet's itinerary page.

How do I choose my seat on my next WestJet flight?

If your flight is eligible, you can define your seating arrangement on WestJet's seat selection page. No matter if you prefer a window seat, an aisle seat, an emergency exit, or you want to reserve a row of seats together for your entire family, can consult the seat selection page for more information.

How do I check the status of my WestJet flight?

Do you need to check the status of your WestJet flight? You can either search by your flight number, or by arrival or departure days and times for a WestJet flight, but consulting the Flight Status page.

How do I check my WestJet flight schedule?

Do you need to check your WestJet flight schedule? WestJet makes it easy, by letting you enter your departure and destination cities as well as your departure date, allowing you to produce the most up-to-date WestJet flight schedules available.

Where can I find a list of destinations where WestJet flies to?

WestJet flies to over 80 locations in Canada, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, with an ever growing list of flight destinations! Are you interested in taking a WestJet flight and want to check WestJet's flight destinations or route maps?

How can I find out about when WestJet flies?

WestJet changes some of its flight schedules during the year and gives you more information about where and when they fly on their When We Fly page, to answer all such questions about flight seasons.

How do I find out about the latest security and travel advisories?

With ever changing rules, regulations and airport security policies, it's best to keep up-to-date with all of the most recent travel advisories and securities tips. Security rules and regulations also vary according to specific countries and airport, and can often be confusing to remember and keep track of. For more information on WestJet security and travel advisories, please click here.

What do I do if I need to bring my pet on my next flight?

Flying with Fluffy or Fido on your next WestJet flight? If you're flying with your pet, then you need to remember that there are numerous rules and regulations for travel with pets, including kennel size, restrictions and rules for your dog/cat/pet to be accepted on the airline.

What do I need to know if I am flying while pregnant, flying with young children, or having my child fly solo?

There is a breadth of information for you to consult if you are either, pregnant and intend to fly, are flying with babies or extremely young children, or are sending your child to fly unaccompanied. Please consult the Children, Infants and Expectant Mothers page in order to consult the latest information about things like, what ID does a child need if flying alone, etc.?

What do I do if I am a guest with special needs and need special accommodations when flying?

If you are flying and have a any special needs whatsoever, such as food allergies, are travelling with an assistance animal, are travelling with oxygen or a number of other special needs, you can consult WestJet's special needs page. If your need is covered in this list, or is completely separate and as unique as you, consult the special needs page. If you cannot find your need listed, feel free to contact the airline and explain your unique needs.

I have experienced a death in my immediate family and wish to know about special flights/fees

As is the custom with many top airlines, WestJet offers bereavement fees in certain instances when an immediate family member has died, and you need to fly to the funeral. However, of course restrictions apply and there are a number of documents which WestJet will require.

How do I find out about WestJet flight entertainment? What type of inflight entertainment is offered?

If you're flying on WestJet, you'll have a world of movies, television, and magazines to enjoy. You can also purchase a variety of food and snacks to enjoy during your next flight.

I have a question about WestJet that wasn't covered here-what should I do?

If you are taking your next trip aboard WestJet, and have a question that wasn't covered in this guide, then it would be wise to consult WestJet's FAQ page. The FAQ page offers a list of frequently asked questions, commonly asked by guests such as yourself, and answered. No matter what the question is, it's probably covered on the FAQ page.

My question wasn't covered on WestJet's FAQ page. What do I do?

If you still have a burning question which wasn't covered in this helpful guide, wasn't covered on the FAQ page, and wasn't covered on the WestJet website, it would be a wise idea to contact WestJet, and directly ask your question.

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