About Air Canada

Air Canada is the proud bearer of the Canadian flag (a red maple leaf on a white background,) and has steadfastly served as Canada's largest airline since 1936. Air Canada is the 10-largest international airline, according to its number of flight destinations. Canada's "largest full-service airline," Air Canda will get you there and back, flying to more than 170 locations on five separate continents worldwide.

Air Canada

Air Canada is actually based in Montreal, Quebec, and serves over 33 million passengers in any given year. Voted as the "Best International Airline in North America" for its third straight year by Skytrax, Air Canada promises to offer you the ultimate service and comfort at some of the best available price points. Its official languages are English and French.

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Is Your Air Canada Ticket Affected by COVID-19?

Air Canada has recently announced a revised policy that provides refunds to customers with non-refundable fares whose flights were cancelled or who voluntarily cancelled their travel due to COVID-19 since February 2020.

How do I follow up with my booking on Air Canada?

Need access to your itinerary or receipt? Or maybe you need to just confirm that the information on your itinerary is correct/ make changes if it's not? Or maybe you need to add or switch your flight, choose or switch your seats, access your frequent flier information or even cancel your flight. You can do it all here, under manage my booking.

How do I find out about baggage policies with Air Canada?

Flying on Air Canada and need to read up on their baggage policies like carry on baggage, checked baggage, overage and other baggage charges, items not allowed in baggage and what to do if your baggage is lost, damaged or received late? Then read up on Air Canada's baggage policies.

Air Canada makes it easy to fly with travel tips!

If this is your first flight or you have logged in a lot of frequent flier miles, Air Canada makes it extremely easy for you to remember everything you need to do from the time right after you book your airline ticket with Air Canada, to the time that you board your flight. Why try to remember everything, when Air Canada has assembled this easy to use check list of travel tips? This is a great way to remember everything from bringing the correct photo ID for your flight, or even telling Air Canada that you will need a special meal on your flight.

How do I check in, with Air Canada?

Air Canada currently offers three check in options for its flight passengers, including check in via the internet (web check-in,) check in via your cell phone (mobile check-in) and check in at the airport (airport check in.) It's a great way to read about the differences about the different check-in options, and decide for yourself which check-in method is the best for you specifically. For the latest information about Air Canada's check in policies, please read about self-service check-in option with Air Canada.

How do I check my flight's status, with Air Canada?

Are you interested in getting the most up to date information about your flight's expected departure and arrival times? Be sure to check the departure and arrivals pages on Air Canada.

What types of In-Flight entertainment, does Air Canada provide?

Air Canada provides a wide variety of exciting in-flight entertainment, featuring movies, tv shows, music, radio and an in-flight magazine. For more information on in-flight entertainment, please read the most up to date information at the link provided.

Sign Up for Flight Notifications with Air Canada!

Air Canada does its absolute best to keep its customers in the know, so that they can stay up to date with any changes in their flights information. Sign up for a flight notification, and you will receive all of the latest changes in information about your flight to your cell phone or email, such as any delays, cancellations or changes in your gate information.

Air Canada Lets You Choose your Seat in Advance

Air Canada is great because they allow you to choose your seat in advance online. You will be able to see a seating map of the entire aircraft, and choose from your seat of choice.

Find out about Travel Updates

Travel Updates are a great way to stay advised about any travel alerts or travel news, such as information about flying to specific countries, Air Canada moving to a new terminal in a certain airport, etc. Read Air Canada's travel updates to stay in the know!

Security Information With Air Canada

This is great information to have in today's day and age, when airlines and airports pay security the highest regard! It's a great way to stay informed about any items that are not allowed in your luggage as well as items that are prohibited in different countries (remember, all countries have different flight security policies!) It lets you know about items which are allowed in your checked and carry on luggage, as well as more helpful information.

Flight Delays and Cancellations

Air Canada wants you to be relaxes and prepared before you fly, and lets you know what to do in the event that your flight is delayed by a long period of time or cancelled. Air Canada makes every effort to ensure that its guests are taken care of and you can even check if your flight is delayed or cancelled on the Delayed Flights & Cancellations page.

Where does Air Canada fly to worldwide?

Don't forget, Air Canada is the 10th largest flight worldwide, due to its high number of travel destinations! With over 170 travel destinations in five continents worldwide, and an ever expanding list of where we fly to, Air Canada offers you the world. To find out the routes we fly, the airports we fly to or to see our interactive route map, please come and find out where Air Canada flies worldwide.

What Kind of Aircraft does Air Canada fly with?

Air Canada has a pretty cool page which actually lets you view their Air Canada and Jazz aircraft models that they fly. They also have a very informative aircraft seat map as well as pictures an interior specification, as well as remarks about what makes the plane accessible for those customers with special needs.

What Kind of Meal Will I Be Served With Air Canada?

Air Canada offers you helpful meal information, including which meals are served on domestic and international flights, and for each boarding class. Information also includes their onboard café as well as special meals and customers with allergies.

Customers With Special Needs

If you are a customer with special needs, there is also a very helpful page information which can better help you to have a more comfortable next flight with Air Canada. Whether you keep kosher, have a disability, travel with a wheelchair, have an allergy, require a service animal or another special need, you might want to consult the Special Needs page, or directly consult with Air Canada.

Children Travelling Alone

If you have a child that is travelling alone on his or her next flight on Air Canada, there are a number of ways which Air Canada can help you. To read more about unaccompanied minors and the unaccompanied minors' policy on Air Canada, please click here.

What to do if you are travelling with a baby or with young children?

If you are travelling with a baby or very small children, Air Canada can help you plan your flight to be the most comfortable and pleasurable as possible. Air Canada has a special page devoted to children and travelling with children to consult.

For Frequently Asked Questions, Or Questions Not Covered Here

If you have a question which hasn't been covered here or have a frequently asked question, Air Canada has an excellent page of frequently asked information, in order to assist its guests. Whether you need to know about choosing your seats or what to do if you require special accommodations, please feel free to take a look at their FAQs. If you need to book a ticket on Air Canada, Flighthub is the referral for Air Canada cheap flights, so don't forget to book with us to maximize your savings.

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Disclaimer: Flighthub acknowledges that airlines such as Air Canada may change its travel information and policies from time to time. While we do our best to keep up to date with changing information, please know that there may be slight inconsistencies, as policies, and flight as well as travel information changes accordingly. If you have any questions about Air Canada or your airline after booking your airline ticket, we suggest that you consult the airline provider's website or directly speak with your airline